Madd Gear's MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter in Green

MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter - Green
MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter - GreenMGP Nitro End of Days Scooter - Green
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Product Description
Are you an apocalyptic rider who shreds like there’s no tomorrow? Well, then Madd Gear’s new Green MGP Nitro “End of Days” Scooter is just the weapon you need to prove your scooter dominance. We’re pretty sure that if you’re like us at, the MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter will make you salivate! The new MGP Nitro model, sometimes referred to as the End of Days Nitro, is everything we’d want in a pro scooter – total eye candy with top of the line specs! The first word that came to mind when we saw the new MGP End of Days Nitro with its anodized finish on the deck, fork and clamp, was “HOT!” followed by our more tucked-in-shirt folks who said, “Gorgeous!” And if you’re like MGP Team rider Anthony “Twan” Bustos who requires the new Nitro EOD flash factor on his scooter, this MGP Nitro does not disappoint! Between the new anodized green finish, the laser etched deck graphic, the anodized black cores on the MGP 110mm alloy wheels, and Madd’s End of Days graphics, the MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter is, like we just said, hot!

But we all know you can’t just rely on good looks, and the good news is Madd Gear has improved the guts of the MGP Nitro on the MGP Nitro End of Days model with key elements such as the bars, deck, fork, brake, compression, and deck tape. And since we know how much you love the details, we’ll outline some of these improvements on the MGP Nitro End of Days scooter.

The new Madd MGP oversized, chromoly tempered, one-piece bat wing swoop bars on new MGP Nitro are now 21” inch wide, have NO rake/back sweep and are now constructed with internal fluting, a manufacturing and design process that makes the bars lighter and stronger.

Madd Gear has modified the deck on the new MGP Nitro End of Days model which now is equipped with the new MGP VX2 4.5 inch wide Nitro deck with concave. Just like the new Nitro bars, the MGP Nitro deck is fluted making this the lightest 4.5 inch wide deck on the market, weighing only 3.24 lbs. Another bonus on the Nitro Deck is the new MGP End of Days SHOCKTAPE gripe tape that helps cushion your landings. This new MGP SHOCKTAPE is also easy to remove if peeled off vertically when it comes time to replace it, but provides excellent grip with any lateral force. MGP Shocktape is just one example of how Madd Gear is the forward-thinking leader in the pro scooter market.

Also an important improvement to the MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter is the new MGP 3D forged threadless fork – a scooter fork that has been 3D forged (a mastery of metal manipulation that makes for a really strong yet light fork). With the 3D forged fork comes the new Madd HIC Compression that’s really easy to install and remove with a long hex key (which is included) and if you’ve ever had to deal with starnuts, you know what a bonus MGP HIC is (no starnuts!). Plus you don’t have to worry about stripping the bolt since now the threaded top cap can also be removed with pliers.

The MGP Nitro EOD also comes with the following upgrades such as the FSA Orbit MX alloy threadless headset (the best brand on the market) that provides really smooth, fast and quiet bar spin (this upgrade alone got all of us at psyched); improved MGP VX2 110mm rattle-free flex brake system; super comfy MGP Gorilla grips; fast and smooth pro level K-2 wheels bearings; and 110mm MGP Aero alloy core wheels with the End of Days graphics. See below for a full list of Madd Gear’s MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter.

Green MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter Features:
• Madd 21 inch Bat Wing Swoop, Chromoly tempered, one-piece bars (oversized 1 3/8 OD) with internal fluting
• New anodized green deck finish (no more peeling or chipping liquid-coated paint)
• 4.5 inch wide VX2 MGP Ninja Fluted Deck
• Scalloped 82.5 Degree Downtube
• 3D Forged Fork
• MGP oversized green triple clamp (flared bottom)
• MGP VX2 110mm Flex Brake System
• Madd HIC Compression – improved and easy to use
• K-2 Bearing Set
• MGP Gorilla Grips with end caps
• FSA Orbit MX Alloy Threadless sealed Headset – top of the line, pro level headet
• MGP Black SHOCKTAPE™ Deck Tape – a cushioned, grippy deck tape that Madd invented.
• Laser Etched Deck Graphic
• 110MM Madd End of Days Aero Alloy Core Wheels – White PU with black anodized alloy spoke cores

• MGP Nitro Deck Weight: 3.24 LBS (1.47KGS)
• MGP Nitro Complete Weight: 8.38 LBS (3.8KGS)
• Max rider weight: 220Lbs
• Recommended Age: 8+ years
• Wheel Color: White PU with Black Cores
• Bar color: Black
• Deck Color: Green