Addict 7" Scooter Grips
The Addict Scooter Grips are made of TPR Rubber which provides maximum grip and keeps your hands dry. Longest pro scooter grips on the market at 7".

Crisp Pro Scooter Grips
Crisp pro scooter handle grips are designed just for scooters. End plugs included.

Envy Scooter Grips
Envy Scooter Grips, known for being comfortable bar grips with a cool grip pattern, help riders stay in control. They come with nylon bar ends and are available in a variety of colors.

Ethic Pro Scooter Grips
Ethic DTC is known for their dedication to scooter riders, and their grips are no exception.

District Pro Scooter Grips
Districtís ribbed pattern ensures a reliable grip, good shock absorption and comfort. Comes with bar ends.

Fasen Pro Scooter Grips
Fasen Pro Scooter Grips are flangeless, super comfortable, and provide amazing grip. End caps included.

Flavor Pro Scooter Grips
6" (150mm) scooter handle grips from Flavor are flangeless, flexible, and incredibly durable. End plugs included.

Grit Pro Scooter Grips
Flangeless scooter grips from Grit Scooters are durable and very comfortable. End plugs included.

Lucky Pro Scooter Grips
Find Lucky Pro Scooter No-Nubbins and Lock-On Grips, some of the best pro grips on the market.

Madd Gear MGP Scooter Grips
Soft 135mm rubber MGP Head Case and Squid scooter grips by Madd Gear.

ODI Longneck Pro Scooter Grips
ODI flanged grips have a collapsible rib pattern for excellent shock-absorption and control. Plastic plugs included.

ODI Flangeless Pro Scooter Grips
ODI's legendary longneck grips, but without the flange. Comes with bar ends.

ODI "O" Flanged Pro Scooter Grips
ODI O-Grips feature a unique ODI logo grip design that provides improved comfort and control.

Phoenix Pro Scooter Grips
Phoenix Pro Scooters produces excellent, flangeless scooter bar grips. End caps are included.

Sacrifice Pro Scooter Grips
6" pro scooter grips by Sacrifice. Comfortable grips with a great shape make these very popular scooter grips.