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Ethic Lindworm Scooter Deck Review

Ethic Lindworm Deck Review

by Casey DeHaven, Gryndo Pro Rider & Team Manager

Back when the Addict scooter decks first dropped, I eagerly got mine from Gryndo and I loved it, but there were a few flaws I could not overlook.  The Addict deck had an odd brake system that caused the plastic brakes to run out quickly (however they were soooooo dialed), and there were deck-specific spacers that made riding an Addict incredibly difficult if you lost those spacers.

Well, Kevin Demay, that man that designed those same Addict decks, has left District/Eaglesport and started his own company - Ethic. He dropped a revolutionary deck in terms of design, strength and looks, as well as appealing to all types of riders. That deck was the Ethic Lindworm. I rode my first Lindworm for two years before it snapped, but that was after two years of HARD riding. I just recently got a new one from my buddy and fellow rider, Andrew Davidson.

Specs: 4.5x21 Long, 82.5 HT Angle, Flexxy Brake Design, slightly under 3lbs, Integrated

Everything about this deck is completely spot on. Kevin absolutely nailed it. The deck is solid, long lasting, strong, lightweight, and sleek, with a KILLER design that works for both street and park riders. I will say that the headtube is a little bit short, and you have to use a headset spacer underneath your SCS clamp (explained in the video). The other thing is that the bottom and the sides are not flat. There are two ridges on the bottom, these are what you grind on; it looks funky at first but works very well once you get used to it.

This deck has everything an intermediate to advanced rider would want; this bad boy will be able to do anything you need!

- Casey