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Hella Scooter Grip Review

Hella Grip Tape Review

April 22, 2015

by Casey DeHaven, Gryndo Pro Rider & Team Manager

Chances are you’ve heard of Hella Grip one way or another - whether from their videos, their gnarly team riders, or you’ve personally used their tape and miscellaneous items. When all is said and done, Hella Grip was THE first scooter griptape company and I’ve backed them since the very beginning. Mr. Addison McNaughton - a true OG of the sport, an original Razor Pro rider - started this company with his buddies quite a few years back in the Bay Area, bringing together a gnarly crew with a passion for the sport and the drive to put their passion and love into something unique for riders to use. Well, they did it; not only is the company a goliath in the sport when it comes to clothing, videos and grip quality, they are also some of the raddest dudes out there.

Addison even sent me damn near seven sheets of tape, a bunch of stickers and some other stuff about a year back for free and just out of the kindness of his heart. I’ll never forget that; if you ride these guys’ grip and rep them, they notice it, they love it and they appreciate it. That’s something you can’t say for most. Now what are you doing still reading this? Head over to the griptape section and swoop yourself a couple sheets of Hella Grip Tape pronto!!!!

- Casey

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