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Tilt Headset Review

June 18, 2015

by Casey DeHaven, Gryndo Pro Rider & Team Manager

As a rider who’s been around for a while, I’ve ridden plenty of the bike companies' headsets, as well as the majority of the scooter headsets that have come and gone. I always wanted to support a scooter company by riding their headsets seeing as I’m a scooter rider, but the bike headsets always just took the cake by far. I mainly rode FSA Impacts/Orbits or the occasional Odyssey Integrated. But once Gryndo hooked it up with a Tilt Integrated Headset, I knew those times were long gone.

Tilt Integrated Headset

Pros: Fast, pre-greased, smooth as butter

Cons: None to name; I’ve been riding this headset for the last four months or so and have been in love with it every second I get the chance to ride my scooter.

My scooter whips faster, smoother, and I can do barspins so incredibly fast and smooth it’s a joke. I’ve ridden Addict’s headset, Ethic’s, District’s and others just to name a few. They are all good headsets but can’t touch the Tilt headset. Tilt has really perfected the simple and quality approach. It’s fast, smooth and solid - all you’d ever want out of a headset. And the best part? It’s from a scooter company. Support the scene, get your Tilt Headset now!