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Envy Pro Scooters (Formerly Blunt Scooters)

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Envy Colt Pro Scooter 2015
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One of the top pro scooter and scooter part companies in the world is another Australian company, Envy Scooters (also known as Blunt Scooters or Blunt Envy). They specialize in making pro scooter parts like scooter Envy scooter decks, bars, and clamps as well as complete Envy pro scooters. All their parts and completes are designed by specialist team of riders with back grounds in scooting, skating and biking. 

The newest Envy Complete Scooter, the Prodigy, comes in the colors red, purple, green and black and is equipped with highly sought after Envy parts like the light-weight and wide Envy deck, the standard size Envy Stripper scooter bars with 3 degrees of back sweep (one of the lightest bars on the market), slide in flex brake, IHC compression, Envy SOB threadless fork, sealed headset, triple clamp, tacky Blunt deck tape, and 100mm metal core scooter wheels.

The Envy Complete Scooter is perfect for riders who prefer standard size bars with 1 ¼” outside diameter (as opposed to oversized bars like MGP Nitro bars), wide decks (this may be the widest deck on the market), internal hidden compression (as opposed to HIC or SCS), 100mm wheels with metal cores (though the SOB fork on the Envy Scooter can take both 100mm and 110mm wheels), a slight back sweep on their bars, and has an 82.5 degree head tube. Envy's line up of the new Prodigy Complete is so hot we can barely keep in stock. If you're looking for the most advanced line, check out the King of Spades (KOS) Completes that come in a variety of colors.

Don't forget that Blunt Scooters now goes by Envy Scooters, so if you're looking for a Blunt scooter for sale, or any model of a Blunt Envy Complete, you're in the right place - Gryndo Scooters carries all the Envy Pro Scooters we can get our hands on.