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District Brandon James Deck Review

District Brandon James Deck Review

March 25, 2015

By Casey DeHaven, Gryndo pro rider & team manager

Hey guys, just snagged a pretty sweet and sleek rawed-out silver Brandon James deck by District Scooters from my buddy Andrew and after a couple sessions, thought I’d give you a quick rundown and video review of it!

District Brandon James Sig Deck Review

Brandon James Sig Deck Specs

  • 4.75 Wide
  • 21.8 Long
  • Flat Sides
  • Flat Bottom, Integrated Dropouts, Integrated Headtube
  • 83 Degree Headtube Angle
  • 3.3 lbs

Right off the bat, this deck really amazed me with how light and sturdy feeling it truly is. The sides are perfect for 50-50s. District redid the front dropouts, took out the plastic inserts common with the old DK2 Integrated decks, and replaced it with an all-new welded noseblunt plate, so perfect for Overcrooks and Blunts! It’s obviously a bit larger of a scooter deck, wider and longer than most at a solid 4.75" wide and 21.8" long. The footspace itself doesn’t seem to be as long as you’d expect (coming from riding an Ethic deck it actually feels SLIGHTLY shorter but that’s because Ethics have a incredible amount of footspace).

Overall, this is a amazing deck to support an amazing rider, and the price is un-matchable at just $119.99. If you’re a more experienced rider or a rider with bigger feet, then this is an absolutely perfect deck for you! Check out the video for a more in-depth look at this killer deck!

Buy the District Brandon James signature deck here.