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MGP Nitro End of Days Scooters

Are you an apocalyptic rider who shreds like there’s no tomorrow? Then Madd Gear’s new MGP End of Days Scooter is just the weapon you need to prove your scooter dominance. The new MGP Nitro model, sometimes referred to by its complete name, MGP Nitro End of Days, is everything we’d want in a pro scooter – total eye candy with top of the line specs!

To see how the MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter compares to the other models in the MGP line up, click here to review the MGP Features Chart.

Pro scooter riding with its free style scooter stunts and tricks, is finally seen as a viable, and competitive professional sport thanks, in part, to the efforts of Madd Gear, a company founded in Australia that is widely known for its excellent line of MGP pro scooters, after-market Madd Gear pro scooter parts and international Madd Gear MGP teams.

There are several pro scooter models available by Madd Gear, but the MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter is one of Madd Gear's top of the line pro scooters and is often the stunt scooter model of choice by many pro scooter riders. Though the End of Days is equipped with just about the best MGP parts a pro scooter rider could need, it’s also perfectly suited as the bones of a fully customized pro scooter.

The first word that came to mind when we saw the new MGP Nitro End of Days with its anodized finish on the deck, fork and clamp, was “HOT!” And if you’re like MGP Team rider Anthony “Twan” Bustos, who requires the new Nitro EOD flash factor on his scooter, this MGP Nitro does not disappoint! Madd Gear has improved the guts of the MGP Nitro on the MGP Nitro End of Days model with key elements such as the bars, deck, fork, brake, compression, and deck tape. Plus, the new anodized finish, the laser etched deck graphic, the anodized cores on the MGP 110mm alloy wheels, and Madd’s End of Days graphics are only some of the features that make the new MGP Nitro End of Days Scooter one of the hottest pro scooters taking the world by storm!

Also part of Madd Gear’s MGP Nitro Scooter line are the original Madd Gear Pro Nitro Scooters which come in various models and colors: MGP Nitro Scooter - White, MGP Nitro Scooter - Orange, MGP Nitro Scooter - Purple, MGP Nitro Scooter - Lime Green, MGP Nitro Scooter - Blue and MGP Nitro Scooter - Red – colors that have been liquid coated for a nicer and extra durable finish. The MGP Nitro pro scooter features heavy duty rails with a reinforced 4.5” wide deck with concave, one-piece Madd Gear Krunk Bat Wing handlebars with a 5 degree rake (back sweep) for more control with tail whips and aerials, the signature Madd Gear Krunk K-2 bearings, Madd Gear Krunk sealed headset and Madd Gear Krunk threadless fork, MGP Nitro Hidden Internal Compression system, triple stacked clamp, BAMF Rigg ribbed lock-on 15mm grips & alloy bar ends. The Rigg ribbed grips are typically used for BMX riding and are the preferred grip choice among scooter riders into free style stunts and tricks. The Madd Gear MGP Nitro Scooter also comes with the BAMF slide-in brake system, fast MPG 110mm Blade Cores, and BAMF pro grip tape – all features that make the Madd Gear Nitro Scooter one of the most solid and sought after “ready to ride” stunt scooters.

All Madd Gear’s MGP Nitro Scooters are so well equipped that once you take it out of the box, you don’t need to customize it to ride like a pro. The Madd Gear Pro Nitro and Nitro End of Days Scooter are recommended for riders 8 years and up.