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Pro Scooter Forks

Gryndoscooters.com carries threaded and pro level theadless scooter forks from top brands like Madd Gear (MGP), Lucky, Envy, Phoenix, Tilt, and DSA.

Pro scooter forks fall into two categories:

Threaded Forks: The top of the fork steer tube is machined with threads so a threaded headset can be tightened around the top of the fork. Most entry level and base model pro scooters use threaded forks (like MGP Jr, Pro and Team Scooters, Razor Ultra Pro, Razor Pro X, XX, and XXX).

Threadless Forks: The steer tube on a threadless fork is smooth (no threads) and requires a threadless headset and some form of compression (like HIC, ICS or SCS). Most higher end, performance driven pro scooters use threadless forks.

Please make sure you know which kind fork you seek to purchase and then make sure your scooter bars, deck, wheels, headset and compression are compatible.