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Pro Scooter Wheels

Gryndoscooters.com offers a huge selection of wheels for freestyle and stunt scooters. We're proud to carry wheels from such celebrated and revered companies as Eagle, Proto, and Phoenix; as well as from fantastic up-and-comers like River, Grit, and Crisp. Scooter wheels are generally available in two sizes: 100mm and 110mm, although bigger 125mm are starting to make their presence known as well. Be sure your scooter can accommodate the wheel size you want to purchase.

Pro Scooter wheels come in a variety polyurethane hardness ratings - measured by the Durometer (example is a hardness rating of 88A). The higher the rating, the harder the urethane. A softer rating provides more wheel grip on riding surfaces, whereas the advantage of a harder rating is more speed. Generally, a harder wheel is considered better for park and ramp riding, while a softer wheel is considered better for street riding. 

Scooter wheels come in a variety of hub types (plastic spokes, alloy spokes, alloy solid core, hollow core, etc) and can be categorized by wheel diameter:

  • 100mm Scooter Wheels: Compatible with any scooter. We carry 100mm wheels by brands like Crisp, Eagle, Ethic, Grit, and Lucky.
  • 110mm Scooter Wheels: Not compatible with all scooters, but generally fit scooters that use threadless forks. Before you purchase 110mm wheels, be sure they will fit your scooter. Because of the larger surface area on the 110mm wheels, they are generally faster than 100mm wheels. We carry top 110mm scooter wheel brands like Tilt, MGP, Downside, Flavor, Grit, River, and Proto.
  • 125mm Scooter Wheels: These larger wheels are slowly but surely beginning to grow in popularity among scooter riders. Currently, we only carry Crisp 125mm wheels, but expect to have more brands available very soon.
100mm Scooter Wheels 100mm Scooter Wheels

A wide variety of durable and reliable 100mm scooter wheels from many respected brands. 

110mm Scooter Wheels 110mm Scooter Wheels

A huge selection of 110mm scooter wheels, probably the most popular wheel size among scooter riders.

Crisp Pro Scooter Wheels Crisp Pro Scooter Wheels

A variety of 100mm, 110mm, and 125mm wheels from this great Australian company. 

Dominator Pro Scooter Wheels Dominator Pro Scooter Wheels

Dominator wheels provide reliable and affordable performance and are just as tough as their namesake scooters.

Downside Pro Scooter Wheels Downside Pro Scooter Wheels

Sleek, high-performance wheels with a unique design.

Eagle Supply Pro Scooter Wheels Eagle Supply Pro Scooter Wheels

High-performance wheels from one of the original makers of pro scooter wheels. 

Envy Pro Scooter Wheels Envy Pro Scooter Wheels

High-quality, very versatile spoked and solid core wheels.

Ethic Pro Scooter Wheels Ethic Pro Scooter Wheels

Simple, streamlined designs that make for quick, lightweight wheels and great performance.

Fasen Pro Scooter Wheels Fasen Pro Scooter Wheels

Super durable, high-tech and lightweight scooter wheels.

Flavor Pro Scooter Wheels Flavor Pro Scooter Wheels

Innovative designs from one of the most respected names on the market.

Grit Pro Scooter Wheels Grit Pro Scooter Wheels

A great selection of high-performance designs that will impress any rider.

Lucky Pro Scooter Wheels Lucky Pro Scooter Wheels

The latest technology and unique designs make these some of the best wheels available.

MGP Pro Scooter Wheels MGP Pro Scooter Wheels

Excellent wheels for beginners and experts alike, made by one of the top names in the scooter world. 

Proto Pro Scooter Wheels Proto Pro Scooter Wheels

100mm and 110mm wheels from one of the most respected names in the scooter wheel game.

Phoenix Pro Scooter Wheels Phoenix Pro Scooter Wheels

Excellent wheels to suit a wide range of skill levels and riding styles. 

River Wheel Co. Pro Scooter Wheels River Wheel Co. Pro Scooter Wheels

Wheels of unparalleled quality from a quickly up-and-coming company.

Sacrifice Pro Scooter Wheels Sacrifice Pro Scooter Wheels

Slick, smooth wheels from this fantastic Australian scooter company.

Tilt Pro Scooter Wheels Tilt Pro Scooter Wheels

Wheels designed using the latest and greatest in scooter wheel technology.

125mm Scooter Wheels 125mm Scooter Wheels

Larger and faster wheels with the same great style and performance as smaller scooter wheels.