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Pro Scooters & Stunt Scooter Brands

Gryndo Scooters offers the best in complete pro scooters, from a wide spectrum of top-tier brands. We're proud to carry completes from respected companies such as MGP, Phoenix, District, Envy, and Flavor, as well as younger up-and-coming companies like Crisp, Grit, and Ethic DTC. Many of these scooters have been designed and tested with the help of top pro scooter riders. Every complete scooter we offer boasts great looks and features to satisfy any scooter rider - from beginner to intermediate to advanced, there's a scooter for everyone.

Crisp-Pro-Scooters Crisp Pro Scooters

A range of scooters to suit both beginners and advanced riders, including one of the only 125mm wheeled pro scooters.

District Pro Scooters District Pro Scooters

The newest scooters from a company known for high-quality parts.

Dominator-Logo-Small Dominator Scooters

Scooters designed to last - incredibly tough, durable, and affordable.

Blunt-Envy-Pro-Scooters Envy Pro Scooters (Formerly Blunt Scooters)

A range of outstanding scooters from one of the most trusted names on the market. 

Ethic DTC Pro Scooters Ethic DTC Pro Scooters

Elegant designs and top-quality parts make for truly excellent scooters.

Fasen Pro Scooters Fasen Pro Scooters

Built with ultra strong, lightweight parts for an excellent balance of speed and strength.

Flavor Pro Scooters Flavor Pro Scooters

Terrific scooters made using modern designs and top-shelf parts.

Grit Pro Scooters Grit Pro Scooters

Versatile and top-quality scooters available for a range of riding styles and skill levels.

Lucky Pro Scooters Lucky Pro Scooters

Sleek, advanced scooters for intermediate to expert riders. 

MGP Pro Scooters MGP Pro Scooters

A line of high-quality scooters to meet the needs of any rider, any skill level.

Micro Xtreme Pro Scooters Micro Xtreme Pro Scooters

Top-tier scooters for both beginners and professsional riders.

Phoenix Pro Scooters Phoenix Pro Scooters

Pro-level scooters featuring only the best quality components and designs.

Razor Pro Scooters Razor Pro Scooters

A wide spectrum of complete scooters for beginning to advanced riders.

Sacrifice Pro Scooters Sacrifice Pro Scooters

The latest scooter tech makes these completes a force to be reckoned with.

Custom-Scooters-Category-Small Custom Scooters

One-of-a-kind and limited edition custom complete scooters.

Clearance SALE

Save big on marked down completes and parts.