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Best Pro Scooter Products 2014

The Best Scooter Products of 2014

2014 was another amazing year for pro scooters. A lot of great new products were released into the scooter world, from completes to decks to wheels. Older, well-respected companies released upgrades to old favorites, while newer companies put their names on the map with all-new quality parts. As we say goodbye to 2014 and look forward to what next year will bring, here's a list of our favorite new scooter products of the past year.

Envy AOS V3 Signature Decks

Envy AOS V3 Signature Scooter Decks

Envy's 2014 version of the famed Ace of Spaces (AOS) deck comes in several signature models, each with their own unique artwork and colors. Our favorite is probably the Max Peters Oil Slick model - we've never seen anything quite like it.

Click here to see all models of the Envy AOS V3 Scooter Deck

Lucky Kota Signature Scooter & Wheels

Lucky Kota Signature Scooter & Wheel

Lucky released their Kota signature scooter, designed with and used by three-time ISA World Champion Dakota Schuetz. From top to bottom, every inch of the Kota is designed to make a superior scooter, able to deliver optimum performance in any situation. It's a real beauty.

Click here to buy the Lucky Kota Pro Scooter

Click here to buy the Lucky Atom V3 Kota Sig Wheels

Sacrifice AK 110 & 115 Scooters

Sacrifice AK Pro Scooters

Sacrifice is all about innovation and next-gen designs, and they really hit a home run with their new AK completes. Available in two sizes, the AK 110 and AK 115 scooters are designed with advanced riders in mind - but are great for any rider. Each and every part looks great, performs great, and comes together to make one of the most beautifully executed scooters we've ever seen.

Click here to buy the Sacrifice AK 110 Pro Scooter

Click here to buy the Sacrifice AK 115 Pro Scooter

Flavor Awakening Scooter

Flavor Awakening Scooter

The Flavor Awakening complete was one of our most highly anticipated releases of the year. We couldn't wait for it - and we were not disappointed. With a sturdy but lightweight construction, premium parts (which are also available individually), and the approval of the Flavor pro team, the Flavor Awakening scooter easily earned a spot on this list.

Click here to buy the Flavor Awakening Complete Pro Scooter

Also available: the Flavor Awakening Scooter Deck, 110mm Awakening Wheels,  Awakening Fork, and Awakening Clamp

MGP VX4 Scooters

MGP VX4 Nitro Scooter

Madd Gear Pro released their VX4 line this year - the VX4 Pro, Team, Nitro, and Extreme completes. These scooters were some of the most popular products of the year, impressing new and advanced riders alike with their quality parts, performance, and price.

Click here to buy the MGP VX4 Pro Scooter

Click here to buy the MGP VX4 Team Scooter

Click here to buy the MGP VX4 Nitro Scooter

Click here to buy the MGP VX4 Extreme Scooter

Eagle Chopsticks Wheels

Eagle Chopsticks Wheels

The folks at Eagle gave the scooter world a new, cheaper option for great wheels this year, in the form of their Chopsticks wheels. Available in both 100mm and 110mm sizes, Eagle Chopsticks wheels feature high quality 6061 spoked cores, 86A urethane for excellent versatility, and cost less than 18 bucks apiece (not to mention that cool sushi roll artwork).

Click here to buy 100mm Eagle Chopsticks Wheels

Click here to buy 110mm Eagle Chopsticks Wheels

Tilt ARC Clamp

Tilt ARC Clamps

This list wouldn't be complete without the Tilt Arc Clamp, Tilt's updated version of their classic clamps. The ARC Double Clamp, SCS Quad Clamp, and SCS LT Quad Clamp all look stunning, and perform just as flawlessly as their classic cousins.

Click here to buy the Tilt ARC Double Clamp

Click here to buy the Tilt ARC SCS Clamp

Click here to buy the Tilt ARC SCS LT Clamp

Tilt Blaster Wheels

Tilt Blaster Wheels

Last but certainly not least, Tilt released their Blaster AIR Wheels this year. Tilt spent 2.5 years working on these wheels, and the end result couldn't be more satisfying. Dual layered urethane, the Adaptive Inner Ring system, an anodized core - Tilt Blasters have it all and then some. Highly praised by the pros, Tilt Blaster wheels are definitely one of the most highly recommended scooter products of 2014.

Click here to buy Tilt Blaster Wheels