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Best Pro Scooter Forks

The Top Five Pro Scooter Forks

What are the best scooter forks?

To kick off the holiday season we will be doing a few blogs listing the best pro scooter parts in the game and those that anybody would be stoked to receive as a gift! Here we will be doing scooter forks. These are some of most reliable forks you can get for the holidays (in no particular order).

*These are all threadless forks and as such require either a threadless or integrated  headset on a standard/integrated deck as well as a compression system*

1. Tilt Legacy Forks

Tilt Legacy Scooter Fork

Tilt Legacy forks are arguably the most popular forks in the game, and for good reason. These guys come at a bit of a high price, but I have never once broke a Tilt fork. I have been riding my Tilt Nimbus fork for almost two years and it’s stayed strong through some incredibly hard sessions and slams. Lightweight, durable, sleek-looking and from one of the most popular companies in the game. Any rider would be psyched to ride a Tilt Legacy fork.

2. Phoenix Phase Phorx

Phoenix Phase Phorx Scooter Forks

I personally had been waiting for a long time for a company to try and replicate the bike fork style besides the classic Lucky “SMX” fork. Phoenix Phase forks have a super unique design as well as being incredibly reliable and strong. Works great for any style rider and will look good on any setup!

3. Lucky SMX  Forks

Lucky SMX Scooter Forks

I had a pair of these bad boys when I first started riding and they were and still are one of the most unique forks I have ridden to this day. With a super cool bike design (similar what inspired the Phase Forks), these are sure to turn heads. You can count on Lucky SMX forks to last you a longggggg time. Only downside is that you have to purchase special Lucky pegs that are compatible with these particular forks due to the axle dropouts being super thick.

4. Envy SOB V2 Forks

Envy SOB Scooter Fork

Inspired by Jesse Ikedah, a technical destroyer, Envy SOB forks are close to being his  signature fork without having the label. As stated in the product listing on the Gryndo site, SOB stands for “Seriously Over Built” which fits the bill because these forks are definitely some of the most sturdy and solid you’ll find. These forks use IHC compression so keep that in mind.

5. Phoenix Phorx

Phoenix Phorx Scooter Forks

These are the first forks that Phoenix Pro Scooters released, and they are great for a first venture, being one of my favorite forks of all time. Phoenix Classic Phase Phorx have a slightly bulkier design but still remain sleek as well as being virtually indestructible. You can take one look at this fork and know it’ll last you a long time. Nothing but trust and respect for Phoenix products, always incredibly reliable and sturdy.

In the end, forks are really up to personal preference at this moment in the industry. Forks are reaching a cool place where the majority are incredibly durable but all have a different look and maybe a few little original tricks. Hope I helped you with your decision on your new forks!

- Casey