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Tilt Blaster AIR Wheels - 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels from Tilt Scooters

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Product Description


The all new Tilt Blaster 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel is going to be one of the hottest pro scooter parts for 2014. Tilt spent over 2.5 years developing and designing the best pro scooter wheel on planet Earth. With the Tilt Blaster Wheels, Tilt has set out to create a wheel that is hard and fast, but also provides an excellent rebound. This was achieved via the introduction of an all new dual layered urethane which is exclusive to the Tilt Blaster Wheels. We think these wheels are so good that they will be worth a million dollars, but Tilt plans to release much more competitive pricing in the near future.

Each Tilt Blaster Wheel is wrapped in an inner layer of softer urethane for excellent rebound and softer landings, and then that is covered with another, harder, layer of urethane which makes your scooter wheels faster, and more durable. In addition, Tilt has also developed the A.I.R. (Adaptive Inner Ring) system which allows the urethane to flex which also leads to a better rebound. In an attempt to reduce instances of wheel de-hubbing, Tilt has developed a Bond Guard which protects the bond between the urethane and hub. This protective layer will help keep your wheels from de-hubbing.

Finally, Tilt wants to make sure that your new scooter wheels look just as sharp when you leave the park as they did when you first pulled them out of the box. To ensure this, the Tilt Blaster Wheels have been designed so that the wheel extends beyond the anodized core to prevent scrapes and dents when grinding curbs and rails. Put this all together and you get the most highly anticipated pro scooter wheel of 2014.

Sold individually

Tilt Blaster 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel Specs

  • Dual Urethane Layer System
  • Softer Inner Urethane Layer for Better Rebound
  • Harder Outer Urethane Layer for Increased Speed and Durability
  • A.I.R. (Adaptive Inner Ring) System
  • Bond Guard to Reduce Instances of De-Hubbing
  • 110mm
  • Anodized Core Protected from Scrapes and Dings

Available Colors

  • Black Tilt Blaster Wheel 110mm
  • Blue Tilt Blaster Wheel 110mm
  • Purple Tilt Blaster Wheel 110mm
  • Red Tilt Blaster Wheel 110mm
  • Silver Tilt Blaster Wheel 110mm