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Tilt SCS Scooter Clamp Review

Tilt SCS Clamp Review

By Casey DeHaven, Gryndo Pro Rider & Team Manager

Back when Andrew Broussard invented the SCS ( Standard Compression System ), it was a groundbreaking invention for the pro scooter scene. SCS is strong, durable, and lightweight, keeping your scooter running nice and solid. Multiple companies have come along to replicate that same design including Tilt.

Tilt’s SCS is a smaller version, increasing your bar height by a inch and a half. It supports both Oversized and Standard bars, with a shim you can pull out depending on your bar type. It’s extremely durable and solid, with a cool logo design that looks sleek and rad while still giving you the strength you want when putting $64.99 down on a part. I’ve ridden this type of SCS, along with the Tilt SCS LT - which only supports Standard sized bars and is slightly lighter - for over a year and a half and couldn’t be happier.

It’s lasted me a long, long time, especially through all of the riding and use I’ve done over the past eighteen or so months and they still look presentable with a few nicks and dents. It’s strong, durable, lightweight compared to most SCS clamps, and affordable, with a long lifespan that you’ve come to expect from Tilt parts. Snag yours today at Gryndo in multiple colors for $64.99!   ( LT version is $59.99 )

- Casey

Also available now is Tilt's new version of the classic SCS: Tilt ARC SCS and SCS LT clamps.

Tilt SCS Clamp