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Best Pro Scooter Decks

Top Five Pro Scooter Decks

by Casey DeHaven, Gryndo Pro Rider & Team Manager To kick off the holiday season we will be doing a few blogs listing the best parts in the game and those that anybody would be stoked to receive as a gift! Here we will be doing decks. These are some of most reliable scooter decks you can get for the holidays (in no particular order).

*Be aware some decks require a compression system as well as a threadless or integrated headset. Keep that in mind when making a purchase. This list only contains integrated decks, which are starting to become the industry standard due to the easier installation of headsets and smoother spin they have. All of the decks on this list require a compression system and integrated headset.*

1. District DK2-I2 Deck

District DK2-I2 Pro Scooter Deck

One of the most popular decks in the scene due to the incredibly low asking price coupled with great durability and weighing in right at 3lbs. Flat sides, flat bottom, coming in at 4.33 inches wide and 20.5 inches long. The District DK2-I2 deck is great for any rider new or experienced, with either park or street style.

2. Ethic DTC Lindworm Deck

Ethic Lindworm Pro Scooter Deck

Quite honestly my favorite deck of all time (see my review here). Part of that has to do with the PERFECT noseblunt plate which is great for overcrooks *winks*.

I rode my previous Lindworm for almost two years and had received one myself as a Christmas gift right when they were released in 2012. The Lindworm deck measures 4.5 inches wide, 21 inches long, and weighs a little under three pounds. It’s a great deck and any rider could make great use of it; however it is slightly tailored towards street styled riders. The somewhat steep price also makes me suggest only purchasing a deck of this caliber if you (or the recipient of the deck) are a bit more experienced and know how to land correctly and take care of parts.

3. Flavor Awakening Deck

Flavor Awakening Pro Scooter Deck

I recently received a Flavor Awakening deck and thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. It has all the qualities and specs that any style of rider loves while not limiting anyone else. It comes in at slightly over three pounds with flat sides, flat bottom and a great, albeit slightly thin, noseblunt plate. It’s 4.5 inches wide and comes either 20.5 inches long or 21.25 inches long and in a couple of colors, and is very durable, especially the V2 version. At a reasonable price, the Awakening deck can satisfy any style of rider and won’t limit their abilities. [vimeo width="300" height="214"]http://www.vimeo.com/112212306[/vimeo]

4. Phoenix Session Deck

Phoenix Session Pro Scooter Deck

I also reviewed one of these decks for the Gryndo Blog. They are a very sturdy, solid-feeling deck - perfect for newcomers or experienced riders alike. They come in two sizes: 4.25 inches long and either 21 inches long or 19.5 inches long, and in multiple unique matte style paint colors. Weighing around 3.3 pounds, the Phoenix Session deck is incredibly strong while still being light, and the flat bottom and sides make it that much better. Any rider would love this deck!

5. Envy AOS V3 Deck

Envy AOS V3 Pro Scooter Deck

The Envy Ace of Spades (AOS) decks are known for being lightweight and having a super sleek design. They are great for any style of rider, as the Envy Team demonstrates, and come with a flat bottom and slanted sides. These are one of the hottest decks in the scene right now, and the V3 was just released, so pick one up!

Envy has one of the most stacked teams in the world, full of street slayers and park monsters. They have released many different Signature decks with the riders receiving royalties from purchases, so if you or a friend dig a certain rider along with the specs/color of their deck then by all means support the riders!

These are some of the best decks you can get as gifts this holiday season or as a present to yourself! A few of my favorites, along with some fan favorites, made up this list - and I hope I helped you make a decision! If you have any questions concerning compatibility email us (info@gryndo.com) or comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

- Casey