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Best Pro Scooter Bars

Top Five Pro Scooter Bars

by Casey DeHaven, Gryndo Pro Rider & Team Manager

To kick off the holiday season we will be doing a few blogs listing the best pro scooter parts in the game and those that anybody would be stoked to receive as a gift! Here we will be doing scooter bars - these are some of the best, most popular, and most durable bars you can get for the holidays (in no particular order).

1. Ethic Almasty Bars (Standard)

Ethic Almasty Scooter Bars

These bad boys have a sleek design with three degrees of backsweep. Affordable, lightweight and durable. They are geared more towards street style riding, however any type of rider would love the Ethic Almasty bars!

2. Phoenix Cooper Klaar Sig T Bars (Standard)

Phoenix Cooper Klaar Scooter Bars

These are the bars that I’m currently riding. Cooper Klaar T-bars come in multiple colors and also recently in an XL design that is wider as well as taller. Price is a bit on the higher side for Cooper Klaar bars; however the quality more than justifies the asking price. Perfect for any style rider!

3. Rad Crows/Vultures (Oversized/Standard may require HIC or SCS)

Rad Crow Bars

Rad was the first company to make “bike style” bars with backsweep and a style in the “V” shape that is similar to what you would find on a BMX bike. The bars come in multiple sizes and colorways with the Vultures being slightly larger and with five degrees of backsweep while the Crows have three. They look sweet on any setup and are perfect for a street style rider shredding rails or give a park rider great control while boosting huge airs out of quarters!

4. Proto Retro Lites (Standard)

Proto Retro Lite Scooter Bars

I personally rode a pair of these little guys for a long time. With a killer matte paintjob along with the classic Proto Star cutout on the crossbar these are some of the best looking T bars on the market. Reasonable price along with great durability and weight these will be a great choice for any rider!

5. Envy Soul Bars (Standard)

Envy Soul Scooter Bars

These just recently came out onto the market, and top pros such as Jake Clark and Jesse Ikedah have nothing but praise for them after a long testing run. With a different crossbar, Envy has put a rad change to the classic T bar design. Envy Soul bars are great for any rider!

These are some of the best bars you can get as gifts this holiday season or as a present to yourself! A few of my favorites, along with some fan favorites  made up this list, and I hope I helped you make a decision! If you have any questions concerning compatibility, email us (info@gryndo.com) or comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

- Casey